Wednesday, November 22, 2017
Vision, Mission, and Objectives


“To enhance the health and quality of life of the multicultural diverse South Asian Community”


Deliver culturally and linguistically appropriate direct services to the South Asian community through partnerships developed with other service providers. Specifically, we strive to inform, support and empower the community to live an independent and enriched life. 


      • Build community capacity
      • Provide programs and services that are needed by the community with a focus on South Asian Community with language and cultural barriers. 
      • Be the first point of contact for all social services for the South Asian Community
      • Maintain a sustainable and responsive organization to satisfy community needs
      • Serve the South Asian Community through an efficient and effective service delivery model
      • Maintain a portfolio of services that is continuously refined through active consultation with the community stakeholders.

Our Achievements

• Successfully implemented 26 projects

• Collaborated with 31 community partners

• Partnered with 9 Mainstream agencies

• Involved 275 Volunteers in different projects

• Coordinated 733 presentations in the community

• Involved 4000 Seniors in various programs

• Actively engaged 50,000 Community members