Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Youths make up a significant portion of the York Region community and for this reason they are a primary focus for our organization. SSN recognizes the fact that development of youth is a critical investment in Canada’s future development.

The Social Service Network Youth Engagement Plan bridges the gap between mainstream youth service organizations and diverse York Region youth community that traditionally shies away from contacting these agencies due to cultural and language problems. One way of achieving this is to engage youths attending places of worship in York Region in entrepreneurship and outreach activities. 

Activities include:

      • Fostering healthy physical and psychological development
      • Enhancing adaptation to the communication and learning styles in Canada
      • Strengthen problem- solving abilities in everyday situation
      • Developing and upgrading skills to serve the community
      • Self Development: Youth leadership program, life skills training, self expression and public speaking
      • Academic Support: After School Programs, and cultural programs
      • Pre-employment Readiness: pre-employment readiness training, supportive counselling, educational workshops and mentoring
      •  Recreation: Sports, picnics and events