Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Youth Vybez

Building A Safe Community for Us: South Asian Girls, Teens & Young Women Strategize for Change

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The primary goal of this project is to engage and empower South Asian youth – both female and male- to work with key mainstream sectors, South Asian specific groups, their neighbourhoods and their families in building the capacity of their local community to develop and implement strategies that will address the specific forms of violence in girls, teenage girls and young women’s lives. Through youth-led projects, SSN aims to develop and strengthen the skills of young women and girls, young men and boys to identify and respond to issues of gender-based violence in their communities. 

The objectives of this project are to:

(1)    Mobilize and develop the leadership skills of South Asian youth representing the key linguistic, cultural and faith communities in designing and implementing strategies for preventing, responding and eliminating violence in girls, female teens and young women’s lives.

(2)    Identify the nature and different forms of violence that South Asian girls, female teens and young women are experiencing in their lives.

(3)    Identify the key barriers and challenges in addressing the violence being experienced.

(4)    Develop a local level community development strategy for the prevention, response and decrease in violence towards young girls, female teens, and young women.

(5)    Develop a variety of knowledge transfer activities and educational resources to be used in this community development strategy.

(6)    Pilot a variety of knowledge transfer activities and use learnings to develop a longer term implementation and sustainability plan.

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