Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Aging Positively Project

Aging Positively is a project focused on reducing social isolation and increasing the community capacity of South Asian seniors in the York Region. The program participants enjoy Yoga every Thursday and later have a  healthy snack to socialize with the group in various healthy discussions.

From September 8, 2015 to September 8, 2017, SNN will implement and test new approaches aimed at reducing social isolation and increasing the community capacity of South Asian seniors in the York Region, by engaging front-line service providers to:

  •      Increase knowledge and awareness of programs and services;
  •      Support seniors whose mother tongue is not English to navigate programs and services in the language of their choice;
  •      Build community capacity by informing mainstream organizations on issues seniors are facing, including those specific to the South Asian community, and
  •      Provide opportunities for seniors, especially those from diverse cultural and language groups within the South Asian community, to become actively engaged as volunteers.

Social activities (e.g., cooking classes, exercise, celebrations, outings, computer classes) are offered that provide opportunities for seniors to interact with other community members on a weekly basis. The program is 2 hours in length, with one hour devoted to yoga and the other to discussion on various topics. At least once a month, mainstream service providers are also invited to provide education and awareness sessions to program participants. These sessions provide seniors with information about available services offered by the presenting organization, as well as other topics that have been identified as important for seniors.  Seniors’ Fairs will be organized where seniors and their family members will be invited to attend and receive information about various services for the whole family to access.

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