Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Finding Your Way

In partnership with Alzheimers Society of York Region - An awareness program for persons with dementia. The Finding Your Way project raises awareness about staying safe while living with dementia.  This project raises awareness about dementia and the risk of missing incidents and provides tools to address these issues. 21 members of staff and volunteers attended Capacity Building Training 1 in 2013 and 23 attended Capacity Building - Training 2 held in November.  Some of the testimonials from the participants as follows:

Ø  Important to have this awareness at least once in a year.  I was not aware of Medic Alert and other supports.

Ø  Information was an ``eye opener for me``.  “I’m going to start doing puzzles now”

Ø  The knowledge about Dementia and Alzheimer has opened a vast understanding of how to treat and work with these patients.

SSN is in the process of organizing an event in March 2015 and will invite Ministers and Dr. Sinha to address seniors about the program. 

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