Saturday, December 16, 2017

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The Asian ethnic groups including South Asians are at a particularly high risk for central obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus resulting from a state of insulin resistance and contributing to future cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.

Type 2 diabetes is at least 4 times more common among South Asians than in the general population and they have a higher risk of diabetic complications, a 40% higher mortality and develop the disease 10 years earlier than their white counterparts.

The head researcher of a recent Canadian study recently predicted that the number one cause of death by the year 2020 in South Asians will be cardiovascular disease and many studies even show an early incidence of cardiac disease risk factors in young South Asians when compared with age-matched Caucasians. According to World Health Organization it is possible that genetic differences are involved but the sudden increase in these diseases in South Asians a has only become apparent following dramatic changes in their surrounding environment (migration, westernization).

It is widely accepted that the prevention and treatment strategies need to acknowledge differences in cultural beliefs and perception. SSN provides extensive outreach services on education and referral programs to various community centres in York Region and focus on importance of increasing physical activity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and mental health.