Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Cultural Preservation and Integration

Programs & Projects

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Ektaa "Unity Within Diversity"  - Project Completed. 

An annual South Asian Cultural Show that exhibits the various local South Asian talent via many medium such as music, dance, theatre, and poetry and in doing so fusing traditional and contemporary South Asian culture.

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Layers of Diversity Within the South Asian Community in York Region - Project Completed. 

Aim: To increase awareness of the rich cultural diversity of the South Asian community, for both the mainstream human services sector and the South Asian community itself.

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Diversity Workshop for Service Providers - Project Completed. 

The Children Treatment Network (CTN) in partnership with Social Services Network teamed up to provide a two day workshop on Diversity Training.  CTN wants to ensure families from multicultural communities have access to their programs and services and SSN wants to make sure services are provided to the South Asian community.  This 2-day workshop has been designed to provide a foundation for understanding diversity and sharing perspectives so that all children and their families receive the care they need to be strong and healthy.  

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