Saturday, December 16, 2017


Outreach and Connection Within The South Asian Community

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The objective of this project is to educate and increase awareness of identified community needs regarding promoting and sustaining health and well-being


This program will:

Create conditions for people to reach their full health and well-being potential

Provide skill development or employment opportunities

Strengthen volunteerism among people of all ages and abilities.


The availability of such awareness and support programs that will also include referral to appropriate mainstream agencies are desperately needed by the vulnerable and expanding South Asian community. Moreover, community access points are one of the few ways available to reach out to the newcomers who also need these programs.


 This program will make the following differences:

·         Provide service access for the marginalized and isolated community members who face language, cultural and financial barriers.

·         Enhance overall social service delivery in York region by increasing community access to existing mainstream service providers in areas of health, settlement and volunteerism

·         Increase community capacity by developing volunteers to support community members in need.

·         Increase the awareness about services and supports available in areas of health, settlement, employment, and volunteerism in York Region by assisting in delivering programs and information in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner.


The volunteers will be involved in:

·         Helping with organizing, advertising, and setting up facilities for programs and support drop-in centers at community access points.

·         Initial information and referral services in collaboration with SSN and other mainstream organizations at community access points.

·         Continuous training and client recruitment

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