Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Dear Friends:

I hope this newsletter finds all our community partners and member agencies well. I am pleased to share Social Services Networks (SSN) Spring 2011 Newsletter. SSN’s team has been actively engaging and delivering programs, informative sessions on chronic illnesses, disease prevention and self-management, mental health, family violence to promote health and wellbeing of the community in GTA. SSN is organizing an engaging and informative forum “Impact of Family Violence” to increase awareness among stakeholders and decision makers in their understanding issues of family violence within the South Asian Community at Queens Park. We are also engaging the community to organize exciting events for IIFA 2011. So stay connected and watch out for other announcements on our website. Together we will bring a real and lasting change in the lives of the communities we serve

 Look forward to interacting with you,


 Naila Butt

 Executive Director 



  • Naushad Hirji – Chairperson
  • Dr.Ajai Pasricha
  • Moyez Kamani
  • Mul Raj Sethi
  • Nirmala Persaud Armstrong
  • Rajni Karamchandani
  • Raza Jabbar
  • Rupi Manget
  • Aruna Dorai
  • Yogi Suri
  • Zul Kassamali
  • Gordon Pohani
  • Nadir Shah khojah
  • Mr. O.P Lamba
  • Nazira Jaffer


  • Dr. Naila Butt

Program Staff

  • Tazim Bhanji
  • Ed Bader
  • Kadija Kathy Ali
  • Naz Arain
  • Augustine Jeevananthan 

Community Mobilizers

  • Nellie Jutha
  • Meena Lakhani
  • Neelam Kumar
  • Juanita Nathan
  • Manjinder Kaur Singh 

In 2002, United Way of York Region (UWYR) identified that the South Asian community in York region as one of the three groups that was underserved by mainstream service providers due to unique language and cultural needs.
As a result Social Services Network (SSN) was established to bridge the gap and develop strong functional partnerships with the diverse community groups, community centers and mainstream agencies to deliver appropriate culturally and linguistically sensitive programs.
SSN is a not–for–profit charity organization serving the diverse South Asian community. SSN is a UWYR member agency. SSN’s goal is to enhance the quality of life of the South Asians.
We also provide free, confidential and non– judgmental services.

Please feel free to contact us at SSN by sending an email: or visit our website



SocialServices Network   is seeking 

Youth Outreach Coordinator

Oversee and outreach to the underserved South Asian youth in York Region and their families. The Youth Outreach Coordinator develops strategies for effective youth engagement, promotes and advocates the development of youth by encouraging youth-adult interaction and educating adults about the importance of involving youth. The Youth Coordinator will provide strong strategic support to the Executive Director in the efficient management, administration and oversight of this area.


Finance Coordinator (1 year contract)

Short term Contract: 10 hours per week Start & End Dates: one year contract with a possibility of extension Pay


Description: Finance Coordinator, with the guidance from the Executive Director, is responsible for preparing and maintaining the financial records for SOCIAL SERVICES NETWORK, a small community based not for profit organization. Finance Coordinator will report to the Executive Director of SOCIAL SERVICES NETWORK.



Please submit your résumé and cover letter by April 30th 2011, to:



SOCIAL SERVICES NETWORK is committed to employment equity & encourages applicants from equity seeking groups. While we appreciate all responses, only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted




We are presently seeking volunteers to help  achieve our mission and our objectives. If you are available and are interested in helping us in any way, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Augustine Jeevananthan at



500 Alden Road

Suite 214 Markham,

Ontario L3R 5H5 Canada

Tel: 905-940-7864

 Fax: 905-940-7863




Social Services Network  is proud to announce MyBindi.Com is our official online sponsor. 

RECENT EVENTS  International Indian Film Academy  (IIFA) Promotional Event  - 2011

Bollywood Superstar Anil Kapoor, best known for his performance in the Oscar-Award winner for Best Picture, Slumdog Millionaire, visited Markham on January 18th 2011 at the Varley Art Gallery for an IIFA promotional filming segment with the Town of Markham. Board Chair and the Executive Director of Social Services Network took part in the meeting. Kapoor was in Canada to help promote the 2011 International Indian Film Festival Academy Weekend and Awards, being held for the first time in North America from June 23rd – 25th 2011. 

The Markham South Asian Mela is being organized on Saturday June 11th at Middlefield C.I. from 3 pm - 10 pm in connection with the IIFA. The objective is to showcase and celebrate the local talent, singers, dancers, poets, artists and the diversity of Markham. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to showcase ethnic cultures within our community. Come join us in this exciting event.

[IIFA][CIBC][More photos..]

Creating Bridges for Healthy Communities - Project Ending Event

A research was conducted for "Creating Bridges for Healthy Communities", a three-year joint partnership between Social Services Network (SSN) Kinark Child and Family Services, and Blue Hills Child and Family Centre. The overarching goal of the project was to create a new model for building bridges between the South Asian community and its families, and mainstream mental health services in the southern York Region. In November 2010, a series of five focus groups were assembled to solicit input for the purpose of exploring the degree to which the project had accomplished what it set out to do. The findings of the focus groups suggest that "Creating Bridges" project realized the goal of establishing initial presence of agencies and had built meaningful relationships in the South Asian community. The creation of a new model of outreach has resulted in increased community awareness thus enabling its members to more openly discuss mental health issues and freely seek help. The outreach model is considered innovative by focus group participants and has the potential of being replicated in other ethno-cultural communities.  [more photos]

SSN supports community partners 

SocialServices Network attended NAMF Annual Dinner  to support the fundraising for victims of the Pakistan Flood. NAMF Dinner  was a tremendous success.

The main guest speaker was Dr.Shaikh Abdullah Hakim Quick, a well known Muslim Scholar  who give lectures around the world. Dr.Shahnaz Dar is a Toronto Physician who just returned from the Pakistan disaster refugee camps, talked about the need to help  victims of the flood. North American Muslim Foundation is a Non-profit charitable Canadian organization dedicated to assisting victims of various disasters  for the last thirty five years. Social Services network is pleased to have supported this important dinner for a very worthy cause.  Social Services Network donated  some toys to NAMF and to the Children of recent Immigrants  of the Tamil Christian Church [more Photos.]

International Women's Day Celebration at Vedic Cultural Centre

International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th every year to celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of women around the world. In the heart of York Region, Social Services Network celebrated at the Vedic Cultural Centre coordinated by Chair Asha Bhatia and SSN's Community Mobilizer Meena Lakhani with the Arya Samaj Seniors.

The Tamil Seniors group also joined in the celebrations to make the day more exciting.  Social Services Network was very pleased to have Yannick Raymond the Director of Ontario for the Status of Women Canada join in the celebrations and Yannick talked about the achievements of women and the importance of the contributions that women have made in history and in Canada.  Naila Butt, Executive Director of Social Services Network talked about the continued support for women in the community especially the programs designed for our seniors and their families. [more photos ...] 


 Health and Wellness workshops for South Asian Seniors

Social Services Network is working in collaboration with CHATS - Community Home Assistance to Seniors to put together a Tool Kit for organizing and facilitating Health and Wellness workshops for South Asian Seniors called, "Taking Care of Me!".  After two focus group meetings with the Tamil and Punjabi communities these series of six workshops were designed to teach the seniors of these two communities how to navigate through the Health Care System and how to take better care of themselves. 

[more Photos]



Leaders of Tommorrow Today (LoTT) Meeting

Come and join the Leaders of Tomorrow Today (LoTT) youth group to discuss the challenges faced by the multicultural youth. The group meets every Saturday from 10:00 am to noon at SSN’s offices in Markham. For more information contact Naz Arain

Impact of Family Violence .. Facilitaor's Orientation Workshop


Discuss the objectives and outcomes for the conferance.

Workshop format and reporting template

Introduce the conferance team and facilitators

Thursday April 28th at Toronto Police Headquarters, 40 College Street, from 5 pm - 8 pm.

[Photos of the Family Violence media conferance held at Toronto Police Headquarters on 8th April 2011]

Impact of Family Violence... a South Asian Perspective

Together we can make a difference. Come and be a part of this interactive forum!

Raise your concerns and help put sustainable solutions in place.

Cost of Conference : $ 25.00.

May 5th 2011, 08.00 am - 05.00 pm,

Queen's Park, MacDonald block, 77 Wellesley Street, Toronto - Volunteers and Scribes needed  [ read more...]

Healthy Diet & Lifestyle!


A healthy diet - the phrase sounds so "good for you", but does it sometimes make you think of boring tasteless food you probably wouldn't want to eat?  It did for me. The truth is that eating healthy doesn't have to be boring or flavorless at all and the benefits of choosing healthy foods are certainly worth it.

The effects of healthy diets are many: more energy, less illness and disease and a longer, more fulfilled life. Even memory and eyesight can be maintained and improved over time with healthy food choices.

If you are looking to achieve weight loss, a balanced healthy diet is essential. Eating a balanced diet and not starving your body with super low calorie diets or those depriving you of healthy foods will allow your body to lose weight at a rate that is appropriate for your, while maintainingoptimum health.


South Asian Adult Day Program (SAADP) : (In partnership with Unionville Home Society)

The South Asian Adult Day Program that takes place every Saturday and Sunday at Unionville Home Society has been approved to continue, for another year – from April 2011 to March 2012 by the CLHIN.  Following is an excerpt from a testimonial of a caregiver whose mother-in-law attends the program.

“We have noticed quite a big change in her since she has joined this program.  She regularly does exercise/stretches at home in the evenings.  In the past, she used to be very home sick and always complaining about everything.  But, now we definitely see a big change.  Instead, we find her more active now.  We are sure that many seniors must be gaining lot of information from this program.”


[read more]

Outreach and connections within the South Asian Community Project

SSN has been a leader in providing all encompassing support to newcomers, who need to adapt, contribute and prosper in the Canadian society. Services include needs assessment, orientation to local environments, interpretation-translation, information and referral, and sessions to support networking within the community. Join our weekly community outreach sessions held at health and settlement support drop-in centers (total of eight) across Greater Toronto. [ read more... ]

Chronic Decease Self Management Program (CDSMP)

Canadians of South Asian and African-Caribbean descent are at increased risk of heart disease and stroke. They develop heart disease 5 to 10 years earlier than other ethnic groups. Existing research reveals that South Asian communities in Ontario and across Canada experience uneven access to health care services. They have unique linguistic and cultural challenges with respect to improving their health.
This program provides an innovative and proactive approach to diabetes and chronic diseases management in South Asian individuals and families at risk for and/or living with diabetes and other chronic diseases such as cardiac diseases. The sessions carrying out by SSN's Community Mobilizers Nellie Jutha & Neelam Kumar 

First batch of CDSMP participants from Middlefield Seniors Wellness Club [more photos...]

South Asian Outreach Project (SAOP)
[In partnership with Family Services of York Region ]

Studies on immigrant South Asian women indicate that they only seek help after having experienced pronounced mental and physical health problems. This project is aimed towards increasing awareness on domestic violence and abuse through information sessions. The sessions are delivered in Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Urdu and Gujarati. [read more... ]

York Multimedia Film Festival

The York Multimedia Film Festival was formed by the Film Development Council. It was developed in response to the recognition of diversity within York Region. Also to see the importance of engaging immigrant and/or diverse communities regarding their life experiences, successes and challenges in a media concept.Social Services Network, submitted two short film s for the York Multimedia Film Festival. The first short film was called, "Who Are The South Asians." It talked about the different South Asians in the world, and brings awareness to the South Asian community especially in York Region. The other film was called, “X, Y, or Z” This short film was youth based and it talked about cultural identities. This film tackled some of youth issues like not having others define who you are but for youths to define themselves. The youth had a great time filming these videos and hope to bring awareness regarding youth issues.  [read more... ]

Focus On Family Literacy

This project consists of a series of courses for parents and grandparents from many multicultural, multilingual communities based in York Region. [read more... ]

Act as a Link! Voice & Resolve Youth Issues through Leaders of Tomorrow, Today (LoTT) SSN’s Youth Group

LoTT aims to address prevailing youth issues in our society. It is an opportunity for South Asian youth to find the voice and leadership potential for the healthy safe and successful present and future. LoTT invites new youth members to join the efforts of the addressing and resolving issues faced by South Asian youth.

 [read more... ]








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